Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases with Diabetes are the main cause of death in Vietnam as in the word, and the number of new cases is always on the rise.

Anyway in most of modern countries the incidence of such diseases begin to be under controlled ; This is because of big  efforts made to promote  the identification and  the  reduction of the main cardiovascular risk factors, tabagism, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and sport rehabilitation.

European Medical Center is a specialized very Modern medical center providing comprehensive approach ranging from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, treatment, follow up and rehabilitation, for local, provincial Vietnameses as overseas patients and is fitted with state-of-the-art Medical equipment for Diagnosis.

We are working with a staff of both Vietnamese and French Doctors, specialized in Cardiology and vascular diseases, Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. All Doctors are Health Professionals with European University formation support and Medical Practice background and also have a large medical experience in both Vietnam and Western countries.

Our Medical Team can provide you a personal and individual approach, for a global care, but also cater for a range of lifestyles, individual requirements and budgets. Our staff is also implicated in arrange your appointments, provide you further details and informations, and offer you free Hotline and Email services both for your requests and follow up at home.

The Non-Invasive Diagnosis Center is supported by our own Internationally certified Laboratory providing all usual and specific Blood and urinary tests, and also allows to perform a large and complete range in other Cardiologic Activities and interventional cardiology in collaboration with his own network of best professionals and Heart Care Institutes in Vietnam and abroad.

  • - Dynamic and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
    - Dynamic and Ambulatory Electrocardiogram ( Holter Monitoring )
  • - Our French Pharmacist can suggest you the global and specific range of pharmaceutical products and can provide you a delivery at home if necessary.
  • Because Metabolic disorders and mostly Diabetes is the main cause of Cardiovascular diseases, Cerebral Strokes and Arterial or venous troubles, European Medical Center integrated Specialized Doctors Team and Care Programs specifically dedicated to Prevention, information, Cure and Follow up for all of our Patients.
  • Our Laboratory provides all usual and specific Biological tests and procedures for very reasonable prices. We can also arrange you a comprehensive Home Blood Collection Service.
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